Broccatelli Galli

passion and experience since 1951

Our company was founded in 1951 by the passion for wines by Marcello Broccatelli and Quintilio Galli.
Our reference has always been the territory together with a passion for agriculture, entrepreneurial experience, in order to ensure the best quality of our wines.
In the late ’80s, we purchased the first 50 hectares of vineyards in the area of ​​Torgiano, a medieval village in the heart of Umbria, on the confluence of the rivers Tevere and Chiascio.

To date, the vineyards have a total of 80 hectares of extension, in the best wine regions of Umbria, only in the D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. production territories, characterized by particular microclimate.

The careful selection of the grapes, the care with which we follow all stages of winemaking and bottling, the international prestige of our winemaking consultants, attention to the evolution of the market, allow us to obtain high quality wines that find their highest expression in our line Umbrian Excellencies.

Today, in our company, under the guide of Marcello Broccatelli, six grandchildren are operating.
They continue the business started more than 60 years with passion and winemaking expertise while respecting the traditions of Umbria.
In recent years Viticoltori Broccatelli Galli have established themselves in the markets, achieving positive praise from the press.